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Adelka is the BMI publishing company of violinist and composer Emery Davis.  You can find more information by visiting http://www.amazon.com.  Emery Davis is an Accurate Records recording artist.  You can find out about his Accurate releases here.

Emery studied at the Manhattan School of music with Ariadne Bron and later with tenorman Jerry Bergonzi.  He's recorded with artists like Bevan Manson  and Matt Wilson and played stages from Carnegie Hall to the Montpellier Jazz Festival.  The critics all agree that Emery plays with the style and fervor of the great horn players:  "a boppish whirlwind" says Jazz Times; "exceptional for his attention to the details of melody", JazzIs;  "lithe and pretty playing" according to Billboard Magazine, to name a few.

Emery is currently living in France and working with legendary bassist Wayne Dockery and guitarist/vocalist Benoit Gil in the DDG Pocket Trio.    The Pocket Trio performs standards that stretch your ears while remaining accessible and always swinging hard. You can listen to the album "Live at Studio Avant Scene" in it's entirety, but with reduced fidelity (mp3), by clicking here.

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 violinist Emery Davis