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You can download mp3s of our recent recording "Live at Studio Avant Scene" here. If you'd like to purchase the album, please contact us. If you experience difficulty, you can right-click and save the songs directly to your disk.

Song Title



But Not For Me 3:32          4.2 Mb
My Foolish Heart 5:36 6.6 Mb
What a Difference a Day Makes 5:05 6.0 Mb
Lady is a Tramp 3:57 4.6 Mb
One Note Samba 5:51 6.9 Mb
Three Giant Steps 2:34 3.0 Mb
Beautiful Love 3:39 4.3 Mb
Bewitched 5:44 6.7 Mb
Have You Met Miss Jones 3:07 3.7 Mb
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes 3:54 4.6 Mb
There Will Never Be Another You 3:57 4.7 Mb
There Is No Greater Love 4:24 5.2 Mb
America the Beautiful 5:40 6.7 Mb
Like Someone in Love 1:35 1.9 Mb

These tracks are recorded live to two track digital on September 14th, 2005.
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